Commitment to Quality

From its inception in 1991, a commitment to quality has always been the guideline for its founder, Nick Argiris. Service, quality and the commitment to try and meet the requests of his clientele, have always been and continue to be his first priorities. Thomas Fruits et Légumes, a family owned and operated wholesaler in Montreal, with the continuous dedication of his three sons, Thomas, Billy and Mario, along with a top of the line sales team, and buyers, strives relentlessly to maintain its goals and values, which are an essential part of the business.

Thomas Fruits et Légumes is renowned not only in the Montreal market, but on the International stage, US, Spain, South Africa, Belize, Italy, Greece, and Costa Rica, to name a few. Its state of the art facilities have also contributed to build and maintain a strong and loyal customer base. We are committed to your success.